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    Cellular Data for Prepaid Sim


      I'm trying to use cellular data for my iPhone4s but its not working. I already downloaded the settings thru *143# internet settings but it didn't work. I also can't use free FB Globe offers. I think my prepaid sim is the problem since I have been using it for over 6 years already. I just had it replaced a year ago when it stopped working. How do i make the cellular data work?

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          annahmargarita try to check your data/mobile/internet settings it should be: http.globe.com.ph since you are a prepaid user. If you can send sms or make a call or your phone has Globe signal your SIM is working, maybe the internet setting is wrong. Make sure also you enable the cellular data on your iP4s

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            Gail .

            Just in case the above suggestion doesnt work, try this troubleshooting steps.

            1. settigns - general - reset - reset network settigns (no data/app will be deleted here so dont worry )

            2. press and hold simultaneously POWER and HOME button. dont release the two unless the APPLE LOGO appears.

            3. settigns - carrier - turn off automatic - wait for the serch then tap GLOBE (or the likes)

            4.(if possible) --  insert another GLOBE micro sim that have enough credits to access the net and insert your sim to other phones for proper isolation.



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