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      bakit walang signal ang wimax kung san ka man na lugar na pupunta? example nalang kung uuwi kanang probinsya katulad sa pampanga?

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          markte Ang wimax ay dapat lang gamitin kung saan sya ikinabit at registered. Hindi po ito dapat dinadala kung saan saan.

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              Hello Glen good morning. I have a question. Im a plan 1799 subscriber, my contract/lock-up ended 05-21-2013. I used my plan till now without recontracting. I just called the hotline and ask for a new handset (April 22, 2014). Is there any rebate or reward points i can claim for the 11 months I spent out of contract? Im planning to claim a rebate if possible, how much could i get? Thanks


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                  Hi ronbustos, If your line is a consumer account and not an enterprise or company account, you should have already earned Rewards Points for every excess usage or charges on top of your plan. These rewards points expired last April 7. Regarding the rebate, there will be none for those months that you didn't recontract. I suggest to recontract immediately via phone, so you can immediately enjoy your rebate.


                  Rebate is also dependent on the type of plan. Better call the recontracting hotline to know more about it since your concern is account-specific.

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                Hi! You should call the hotline and ask for loyalty. As your concern should only be answered by a Loyalty Specialist

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                  Unlike mobile phones and Tattoo sticks, WiMAX modems will only work in a particular area only... which is your installation address. It may work near it, but to move it, say from one town/city/province to another, will be a different story.


                  Yup, it is wireless just like Tattoo sticks. It's just a different technology.

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                    Hi Glenn0 , bakit di nagana yung wimax ko sa san pedro area? Pero dito lang naman kami naka-registered sa Biñan Olivarez. inuuwi ko kasi yung wimax ko. ginagamit ko lang dito sa store namen. sabi kasi nung client na nakausap ko dati pwede ko daw i-uwi yung wimax ko or dalhin kahit saan kahit daw "car" ko pwede.

                    please help.. thanks

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                        Hindi na sya applicable today. Sabi it's a protection to wimax fraud na.

                        Your modem could be detected and blocked because of that.


                        Wimax that are not registered in a location or what we called roaming wimax

                        devices are now not allowed sabi nung tech friend ko



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