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    About plan 999 DSL


      hi guys, so medyo matagal na kaming subscribed to globe dsl 1mbps internet only. pag check ko sa site nila meron ng 3mbps so mejo na pissed ako kasi same lang binabayaran namin haha. Right now I plan to upgrade to the 3mbps plan.


      ok so I did "some" research on the plan at ang pagkakaalam ko ay may daily cap ito (5-7gb give or take). 30% of my original DL speed pag ma reach na ang cap so around 1mbps ang magiging speed which is ok parin kasi yan naman ang speed ko ngaun eh.


      I dont really care much for the speed pero mas concerned ako sa magiging performance ng dsl pag ma reach na ang cap while playing games. Tataas ba ang ping or mahihirapan mag connect? Or will I just see my speed go down to around 1mbps and not have an effect in terms of gaming.


      So far stable nmn ang globe dsl saakin, 1mbps was all I ever needed to play my games (BF3/4, CS:GO, LoL, DOTA2, etc....) upgrading to this will benefit my little brother more kasi eh, since heavy youtube user cya.

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          Kung ako ang tatanongin mo, hindi ko ipapayo sayo na mag upgrade. Yaang OLD account mo is walang CAPPING, kahit ilang GB pa ang idownload mo consistent sya na 1Mbps. Pero once na mag upgrade ka sa 3Mbps, pwedeng bumagal ang speed mo hanggang 0.1Mbps.


          May kasabihan nga tayo na "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".


          Kaibigan, kapag nagupgrade ka at nakaranas ka ng mga problema walang sisihan ha. Payong kapatid po lamang.


          Magandang gabi sayo.

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              well I need more replies from people and their experience when they reached the daily cap. Any speed above 0.60mbps after the cap is good enough for me. 1mbps with no cap is still very slow, I would need to have my PC on longer just to download a big file.


              My little bro mostly watches esport vids and I doubt I will even use the said 7gb per day cap. He will be watching vids for 1-2hrs and play the rest of the time.


              also thanks sa reply.


              Also I would like to ask how fast the upload speed is in the 3mbps plan, both when and when not capped.

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              Just had it upgraded and so far this is my speed, very stable atm and no problems so far.

              Since Red Orchestra 2 was free on steam, I decided to download it to reach my daily cap.



              From 2.58 to 0.98, that's pretty good seeing as my original connection was giving me 1.05mbps.

              I called and ask what the reset time was and was told it was 6AM, well it turns out it was 4AM lol.

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                sir question lang po may additional charge ba pag nag pa upgrade ka from 1mbps to 3mbps??? papalitan ba modem mo??? thank you po

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                  Hi! The change of modem depends if your current modem can support the speed. Meanwhile, wala kang dapat babayaran if 999 - higher/same plan ang kukunin mo po

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                    Ang daya naman po. Nung iniinstall ng mga crew nyo yung DSL namin, ang sabi Plan 999 is 3mbps kaya pumayag ako. Nung iniinterview na ko ng mga agent nila, pinasabi ng mga crew 1mbps yung sabihin koI I Hate You! Scammers! Nung bago sila umalis, pinakita ko nung tinest ko sa speedtest.net, 2.98Mbps yung downspeed. Pag alis nila, 0.98Mbps nalang.