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    Cream of the Crap Customer Service: Intermittent Connection


      I don't want to explain everything all over again. For those who can help, you night want to read it here -




      Or here -


      @Talk2Globe: Crappiest Customer Service Provider


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      To: Atty. Ramon Nolasco, Jr. <[email protected]>


      Cc: Agnes L. GT BONGON <[email protected]>; Dennis D. GT ORTEGA <[email protected]>; Talk2Globe <[email protected]>; GTbutch auson <[email protected]>


      Date: Thu, 24/04/2014, 10:25PM


      Hi CWPD - NTC,


      Just an update.


      Mark from Globe called me to advise about my modem replacement for the intermittent connection to cease. He created job order number 16445914. I called Globe’s technical hotline today. Consultant Archie (employee ID ztpi0490) confirmed that it has been closed off, and my modem has been replaced. Upon coming home, I have seen the brand new modem with high hopes of it resolving the issue. But I still have intermittent internet connection.


      As a consumer, this for me is still outrageous! I have been dealing with these incompetent people since 7th of April. They are very unreliable and their technicians are dodgy. I will only pay for a reliable service.


      I am, yet again, down to another job order number - 16469921. If these guys are not really going to fix this, they can take their service away from my premises as I am nearly disinterested with doing business with them.


      Hope you can give me all the support needed from Consumer Welfare Protection to close this off. Surely, you guys are also consumers yourselves.




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      To: ’Engr. Froilan Jamias’ <[email protected]>; Talk2Globe <[email protected]>; Dennis D. GT ORTEGA <[email protected]>; GTbutch auson <[email protected]>


      Date: Mon, 14/04/2014, 11:36PM


      Subject: Intermittent ADSL Connection Complaint


      Hi NTC –


      I am sending this complaint in lieu of multiple interactions with Globe since 7th of April 2014 with no resolution to date. Please see complaint details below.


      Complaint Type – General Complaint

      Service Provider – Innove Communications (Globe)

      Service Provider Contact Number – 7301000

      Name of Account Holder – XXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXX

      Account Number – XXXXXXXXX

      Contact Number – 0917XXXXXXX

      Email Address - [email protected]


      We have been having an intermittent broadband connection since 6th of April which was then reported right away the next day. I had three or four job order numbers for a technician visit and all of these were closed with no further resolution. The last consultant that I talked to a while ago was kind enough to provide details about this endless customer service nightmare. All of the consultants listed below just kept on creating one job order number after the other to have the equipment looked at. As previously mentioned, all of Globe’s WELL TRAINED TECHNICIANS kept on closing job orders with no resolution.


      Consultant Employee ID

      07-Apr Roniel Balogo zaps520

      10-Apr Mark Dave Sombilla zaps947

      13-Apr Oscar Hernandez ztcm7024

      14-Apr Rhea Joy Dumugho rcd81022

      14-Apr Rose Ann Nacino ztcm1360


      I have already filed an internal complaint (Globe) against a technician whose last name is Niaga. Complaint Reference Number ATW14040000197.


      Niaga called in around 8:00 AM today and asked what the problem is. When I answered ‘intermittent connection’, he did not have anything further to discuss leading to end of interaction. The last consultant that I talked to confirmed that Niaga closed the job order tagging it as ‘no problem found’ where in fact the problem is right there, been with us since the 6th of April. I have never experienced the crappiest customer service there is until I have been connected with my first Globe service (started February 2012). I now have three billing accounts (one home bundle – 8XXXXXXXX and two post paid mobile – 1XXXXXXX/LTP-7XXXXXXX) with Globe, and each of these services made me understand how talented Globe is with locking customers in contracts and leaving them behind when help is needed.


      Hi Globe –


      I will be using social media to make sure that everyone is aware of my experiences with your business. Expect this email to end places that will ensure maximum awareness. It is very fair and reasonable for me to share my experiences to help keep customers away from Globe. The customer-centric age of business has now turned to the voice of advocacy, and I clearly am a detractor right now. The word of mouth is a powerful tool. I don’t really know what is wrong with your customer service but continue this and expect a lot of people to leave.