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    How to activate Free Spotify Premium from Combo GoSurf799?


      First of all my plan is:


      Plan 499 (900 PV)

      Combo: GoSurf799 + Free Spotify Premium for 6 months

      Gadget: No Gadget

      Booster: No Boosters


      My internet is working just fine. I already have a FREE spotify account that I wish to upgrade to Premium via what Globe offers.

      However I never received any prompt/sms from Globe on how to activate my Free Spotify Premium account.


      Called Customer Support, Tech Support...

      Some would say going to http://spotify.globe.com.ph/go and I already did like 10+ times and I always get an error like this



      Screenshot 2014-04-27 18.09.40.png

      Meanwhile, others would tell me to reinstall the Spotify App... Did it already nothing happened.

      Another would say, restarting my Phone. And nothing happened.

      Until they told me to play some music and keep on pressing next track until a prompt appears to upgrade my account to Premium.

      True enough, I got a prompt, however I think that offer is coming from Spotify (7 days free trial), not Globe.

      So I activated it and then they told me that after 7 days my account will automatically be Premium care of Globe. And only then will my 6 months start, but I highly doubt it, cause I didn't even went through Globe's service/api.

      Also, from their support page GoSurf + Spotify | Promo | HELP AND SUPPORT:


      If you're a Postpaid customer, however, you can get 6 months free Spotify Premium as long as you're registered to GoSurf. If you unsubscribe from GoSurf, your Spotify Premium subscription also ends. The 6-month free trial period starts from the time your register to GoSurf.

      So I think my days are already rolling.

      Anyway, from Globe's support page also, they didn't indicated that I should use a 7-day trial which makes me doubt more.


      I hope someone can shed light on how I can really activate my Spotify Premium account that is under Globe.