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    Can I cancel the delivery of my handset?


      Last week, April 23,2014, the last day of my contract, I called the recontracting hotline of globe. They said I am qualified to have my plan recontracted and asked which plan do I prefer. I chose to have a SuperUnli 599 + GoSurf 99 plan with a lock in period of 24 months. Basically, my plan is just simple. I also ordered a Galaxy S5 white, and she said I need to pay a cashout of 28, 080 PHP upon delivery of the handset. I was quite nervous since she told me that I cannot pick up my handset from a Globe store and it should be delivered in my place. Plus I need to pay in cash personally to the courier. However, she reassured me that it is safe and they do this a lot of times.


      So I asked them to deliver my handset on April 28, 2014 since I will be there for the rest of the day. I woke up early, dressed up and waited for the delivery man. But no one came. I checked my handset thru globe's website, entered my reference number, and saw that the courier did not yet receive any handset from the warehouse. I called the recontracting hotline and asked the delivery status of my handset, and I was not pleased with their answers. They said that they cannot track my device and they will send me a feedback via sms or call within 24 or 48 hrs. I instructed them to make a follow up to the courier since I am leaving for next week, and if they will not deliver my handset within this week, I will cancel the handset I ordered.


      Is that possible or do I need to pay something else pa?