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      Hello Globe Community!


      I got my phone on April 6, 2014 and I just received my first bill for my plan 1299. But I have noticed that there's no due date and my billing period is from April 7-April 9, 2014. I made a downpayment of Php 1299 before I got the phone. Whenever I dial *143# to view my balance, it always sends the same answer that my Php -1047.99, yes with a negative sign.


      What is the manifestation of this? Does this mean that I will not be paying for my plan this cut off and will be incurred for the next cut-off?


      Does Globe has a specific cut-off date?

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          alexander01 the stated date is the pro rated date i think, your cut off period probably will start every 10th of the month to 9th of the next month. Negative bill means sobra yung binayad mo it is always enclosed with parenthesis pagdating sa bill mo, yung 1299 mo na advance payment binawasan ng amount na need mo bayaran for date April7-9.


          To answer your question: Yes, no need to settle any amount for that bill, the remaining will be use or deducted to your next bill.


          Cut off date is based on when your account was succesfully entered to their system if im not mistaken, however you can change the cut off date to your preferred one, create an account here: Globe to manage your account billing address, paperless transaction, cut off date preference and other things ^^

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            alexander01 Hi!


            1.  Since your account is fairly new, you may find a hard time enrolling your account at GLOBE at suggested by hcescala. Nevertheless, try enrolling since your *143# inquiries already gives you some data.


            2.  Yes, no need to pay for this bill and there is no due date in your first bill for the period April 7-9, 2014 since you have a negative balance amounting to 1,047.99 which came from your advance payment of MRF, less the proportionate charges for the billing period April 7-9 (3 days).  This negative balance is still your advance payment that will be applied to the billing period April 10-May 9, 2014.  Hence, your Bill#2 should have an amount due equivalent to 251.01 (1299-1047.99), assuming you have no other charges incurred on top of your plan for the period.


            3.  As per your info, your cut-off is every 9th of the month.

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              Hello, I have the same issue. I also got my phone last Jan 12. And now, theyre saying that my cut off date is every 17th of the month. So, I was billed now from Jan 12 to Jan 17 amounting to 1,541.98. And yes, thats positive. I dont know the pro rated that they were saying. Can someone explain it to me why would I pay that amount due Feb 7. the customer service rep said as well that I will also be charged from Jan 17 to Feb 17. I have plan 2499 with unli call and text for 499 and 5gb surf for 999 so Im assuming that 499+999+other stuff=1,541.98.

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                  kndz022 so you're on MLP already. Under MLP, promo packs are charged in full in a billing cycle. They are not pro-rated.

                  I'd like to better understand your plan so I can give the reason why you have the bill. Is your plan really 2499? Or 1499? You mentioned only the GoSurf pack. What's the balance of 1,001 for if your plan is 2,499? Consumable?

                  Or, you may call 211 to have your bill explained to you. :)

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                      MLP? may i know what is that?


                      my plan is 2499, note 4 fyi, which consists of the built in call and text 499 plus gosurf 5gb 999. as the csr says, the consumable is 1001. if you want to know more, i can send you a screen shot of my bill.


                      I tried to let them explain it to me but i guess the one that ive spoken with didnt understand what im saying. btw, im a new postpaid customer so i dont know this stuff pa eh.


                      thanks so much for replying

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                          MLP is myLifestylePlan since you have a base plan of 499 for unli Globe calls and texts. That is their new plan now.

                          I was also wondering if your initial paymebt of 2499 was already reflected in your bill?
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                              So every month, i have a built in unli call and text right? is it possible to unregister to that?


                              Here's my billing statement. I cashed out for 9600 then 2499 for the 1 month advance. So total of 12,100. this bill statement is for jan 12-jan 17 which is for 5 days only and how come i have a bill amounting to 1500?? i dont know why the mrf is like that. mrf is the fixed amount every month which should be 2499 right? another thing, below the billing statement under summary of usage charges, it also says that the total usage charge amounts to 712.60. I really dont know whats happening haha please explain it to me thank you!!


                              anyway, its 2499 per month right? So if ever, i didnt exceed that 2499. is it exactly 2499 that youre going to pay? Or does it have tax as well? Well for 2499 the tax would be 200 or 300 so it will be a big deal as well :/



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                                  Hi kndz022 . Sorry for the late reply.

                                  First, you're bill looks fine. As I've said, under MLP, the promo packs are not prorated anymore. Below is my detailed  understanding of your bill, not taking into account the amount of handset cashout of 9,600:

                                  1.  Your total initial payment = MRF + Cashout = 2,499 + 9,600 = 12,099. But you paid 12,100 so you have an overpayment of 1.00 from this transaction.

                                  2.  Current bill charges

                                  Jan12-17 = 499 + 999 = 1,498

                                  Jan18-Feb17 = 2,499

                                  Usage = 40.69 x 1.12 = 45.57

                                  Total current charges = 4,042.57

                                  (Includes VAT already)

                                  Net amount due:

                                  Total current charges = 4,042.57


                                  Initial pmt of MRF = 2,499

                                  NET = 1,543.57

                                  (Difference is due to rounding off errors)

                                  The 399.01 there is the charge for Gadget Care which I think you opted out? That's why it was deducted.

                                  After this first bill, your bill should be 2,499 monthly, unless you have excess charges on your plan, not covered by the consumable.

                                  Again, your bill is correct.

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                                      So i will pay my plan which consist of 499 + 999 that should supposed to be

                                      for 1 month in which instead, it was charged from jan 12-17? Thats how i

                                      got that 1,500 charge?! I did not even know about this thing. This should

                                      be the first one that globe should say to us when we would avail of their

                                      plan -

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                                  You can follow me then so you send me a private message. :)