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    Defective Samsung S5 issued by Globe?


      Hi everyone,


      I just received a Samsung S5 issued by Globe and the day of receiving the handset, I already noticed that there is somewhat a thick horizontal line at the center of the screen or LCD as it is turned off or when I do a phone reset. Does this mean the handset is defective? Mamaya if I show it to Globe store, they might just come up with many "palusot" or excuses so they won't replace my handset. I am still under the 1 week warranty. Any other subscribers experiencing this from their globe-issued Samsung s5? To all those who availed of a Samsung s5 from globe, do you experience the same or not? If not, it probably means my handset is defective. Hope to receive immediate responses so I could still request for a handset replacement in case it is defective.