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    prepaid roaming


      my prepaid sim was confirmed roaming activated when i left the philippines.  how come there is no netwirk found since satgruday until now?


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          Have you tried restarting the phone and/or manually selecting a network affiliated with Globe?
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            I also have this issue since May 6. Restarted the phone so many times and selected carrier CSL bit the sim is not allowed to connect to this network
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              @evelynpasimio was there an enough load balance during roaming service activation? Did you received any sms confirmation of successful activation? Your roaming will be activated if you have enough load balance, maintaining balance is 100 so you can enjoy the roaming service.

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                To get the roaming working you most likely will need advanced skills in witchcraft to get it working.


                I recently went out of Philippines for three days. I sent GROAM activation request before leaving the country and received a text message saying it will be working when I land to my destination. I loaded P1,000 to it just to be sure I'm on the safe side with the load.


                Waited for two days while overseas with No Service showing on the phone. I then contacted Globe asking about it and they said roaming hasn't been activated but the customer service rep would activate it now. However, this would take 48hrs! The country I was in is covered by Globe roaming.


                I never had a chance to witness whether roaming started working or not as I was already going back to Manila. I opted for a local SIM instead for the last day to take care of some calls.


                When returned to Manila I requested deactivation of roaming and this worked quickly. However, the APN settings in the phone went automatically to postpaid settings and data connection wouldn't work. I've experienced this before.


                So in short, don't expect your Globe roaming will be working. Just hope no one tries to contact you while away.