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      How to activate hotspot in my iPhone 5s

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          1. Turn on your cellular data and Tap on Settings app on the iPhone home screen.

          2. If you see the Personal Hotspot Option as the 5th line item, tap on it. If there is no option there, tap on Cellular and then on Personal Hotspot.

          3. Once you have used the iPhone personal hotspot once, it will show up on the main Settings screen for faster access.

          4. Tap the switch to the On position, which will show green in the slider area to the left.

          5. On the iOS 7 personal hotspot settings page you can also change the WiFi password to something that is easier to remember. This is also where you can change it if you want to share it with friends on one trip, but not every time you get together. Tap on the password to change it.

          6. Now look for your iPhone’s name in the WiFi listing on a laptop or other device and click connect. If you plan to connect over Bluetooth or USB, there may be some configuration needed.

          While using the iPhone as a personal hotspot on iOS 7 a small indicator bar will show up below the status bar, and when locked the status bar will show blue. On the lock screen the status bar now shows a small number next to a link icon that tells users how many devices are connected to the iPhone. The iPhone can connect up to five devices to the hotspot.

          Users on the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPad 3 and iPad mini 2 can enjoy faster LTE speeds, which rival home internet connections.

          - GottabeMobile (dot) com

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            Gail .

            also make sure you have the correct APN on your phone. postpaid: internet.globe.com.ph prepaid: http.globe.com.ph

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              hindi po gumanagana eh. lagi po sinasabi na contact globe