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    Beware of Tatto Globe LTE Bundle Plans and their AGENTS


      Tattoo Globe LTE is quite good when it comes for speed. The only thing is that there are many agents who are selling their products tells lie. In my case, I bought 1299 3mbps bundle plan. I was supposed to get free landline phone. They just gave me an awkward and useless phone through which I can only call GLOBE and TM. Not only this they sent me a telephone bill for 599peso, for the one which i never used. This is quite ridiculous. When I complained then they waived that bill. What if I have not complained? It is big question mark.....


      So dear consumers be careful what are you buying. For me Tatto Globe LTE speed is good but the impression I got of them is quite different.

      Be care ful Tatto Globe LTE bundle plans !