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    Reconnecting requests


      Hi Guys,


      I would like to share with you my experience a few minutes ago.  My phone was temporary disconnected this morning and I tried calling the hotline to ask for reconsideration or a payment arrangement for my line to have it reconnected.  Reason for not paying the amount in full is that my mother had a bypass heart operation and that operation and other procedures before and after that requires a very huge amount.  Although the amount that I have been paying is less than the specified amount I would still want to have payments in my account.  After an hour of conversation the credit department as per Nestlie still declined my request even if I will pay at least 2k today and make necessary arrangements for the succeeding they still ask me to pay the full 12k.  This is very disappointing and frustrating as I was trying to ask for reconsideration and also to show the intention of paying it.  I can easily forgot about it if I wanted to but still opt to call and request for any reconsideration or arrangements.  I am using this line to get in touch with my sister abroad to update on my mother's condition and also to check on my mom once in a while.  What a way to treat a loyal subscriber???  No body wants to see your mother in her current state and still they add burden to me instead of helping me out.  How disappointing and heartless these people are?