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      I initially reported ths issue May 03,2014. and to be honest this is not the first time it has happened. I Was never happy with globe's services. I don't have an internet connection as of the moment thanks to Globe's ever reliable and fast internet services. So I Had to use sun cellulars prepaid services to check my emails. This started January, I reported an internet connection lost. after 3 days the issue was fixed. It happend again March, same issue and after 3 days fixed. It happend in April fixed it after 3 days and ths is the 4th time. I Am not happy with this. If they (Globe) claim to be the number 1 internet service provider why do I have to experience the same issue almost every month? I Have contacted tech support, and promised to have the issue fixed by May 5th 2014 bt it was cancelled due to a network issue. I Asked them to expedite the repair but no one was able to address my concern. I Contacted the billing department for a billing adjustment for all the days I didnt have an internet connection and I hope to get and adjusted bill this time. I made a follow up through chat regarding this, and again, I get an answer that the onsite visit today May 6th has been cancelled due to a network issue. This has been going for 4 months. I Hope you can help me with this. I Do not want to wait anymore. I Do not  want this to ever happen again! I Want a refund for all the months I have paid, and I want my account terminated without having to pay the 24 month lock in period because this is ridiculous!


      acct. number 851554902


      I Forwarded the same message to NTC in hopes of getting this issue fixed ASAP

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          Hi mariachona123,


          Pag ganyan ang history mo, obvious naman na na may network issue sa area mo. I had the same experience pero with Smart. Sila mismo nag-suggest na i-terminate na lang yung account dahil wala na silang magagawa on their end.


          Kung manghihingi ka naman ng bill dispute, make sure na well-documented yung mga reports mo sa Globe. May mga reference/report numbers ka ba sa mga naging tawag mo? I-list down mo lahat then i-present mo sa kanila as proof na may issue talaga sa internet connection mo. That way, mas madali nilang ma-track yung account mo at wala na silang excuse para sabihin na walang record sa system nila na hindi ka tumawag o nag-report man lang about the issue. You can also use the same reference/report numbers to terminate the account without paying whatever fees associated to lock-in periods.




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            With all of these network activity issue, yes you can ask for adjustment. But reporting this concern with the NTC? All I can say is Good Luck.

            If you still have this problem about internet connection for the past month with or without network outage, Yes it would be better to terminate your line and ask for other network operators if they have a better network connection in your area.

            But with regards to your termination fee, I think you are one of those postpaid subscriber who doesn't read the contract before you signed it. I don't think NTC can help you about your termination fees.