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      My girlfriend applied for a globe home broadband plus landline on the spot in fairview upon being persuaded by a lady who walk around the neighbourhood promising a no downpayment instalment, and 799 monthly bill. I was doubtful about the offer but my girlfriend insist she can afford it monthly so she continue on getting installed. As the month gone by she's busy processing her visa in Canada she forgot to pay her bill in globe. And one day she lost internet she say the globe has already discontinued the service due to her fault of not paying it.


      Now she's already in Canada working hard as a saleslady in her half brother's business and having to support her sibling here in the Philippines, while having the dream life earning enough cash, she receive a text message from one of globe's attorney that they are issuing a subpoena on may 1 or 2 because she failed to pay the amount resulting to almost Php 10,000.


      My question is how come the 799 a month turn in to almost 10,000 pesos? Yesterday I already called the one who send the text message to my girlfriend she ask the account details and my phone number because she told me that she's the one who will call but until now no response.


      P.S. Yes she can receive text messages in Canada cuz she activated her roaming services. Baka sabihin nyo hokus pokus ko lang ito at ako tlga ang nakakatanggap ng mga subpoena =)) I'm Christian from Bataan. =))