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    lost load and cant access FB even though already registered to GOUNLI25


      i just would like to inquire on the issue of my friend regarding her load and her internet connection. first she had just loaded 50 pesos yesterday and registered a worth of 25 pesos promo using her globe sim # i think that is 'GOUNLI25 which is Unlicalls, unlitexts and Free FB' but then after how many hours she just learned that the supposedly remaining balance of 25 pesos on her load was lost considering that ahe was already registered to Unlicalls, unlitexts and Free FB . and second, she had just registered GONUNLI25 which is supposed to be FREE FB but then she cannot connect to the internet thats why she cant maximize her usage on the FREE FB that was included on what she had registered. we would like to know what can we do to recover the 25 pesos remaining balance on her load that was lost and also to her internet connection that was not functioning well. appreciate for your immediate response on this issue. thanks.

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          Hi iampamsue, youv'e just mention that your friend reloaded P50 and registered to GOUNLI25.

          First question is, does she recieved any confirmation that her subscription is already activated.

          About lost load amount of P25. My question is, is shhe aware if the data service of her phone is deactivated before she recieved the P50 load? On most device particular on smartphones, when you left your data activated and reloaded P5 or more, device will automatically connect to the internet and will charge on your regular load.


          Still, it will be better to call the Globe Prepaid hotline so that they can check if my calculation is correct.

          Globe Prepaid hotline 211 is open 7 days a week from 8AM-10PM. Please use globe prepaid number upon calling the hotline, that is for free but you need to have atleast P7.50 to be able to connect.