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    Tattoo Broadband


      I need to use broadband on the go, and I am planning on getting either the postpaid or prepaid plan 999.  Which one is better? What is the difference? Hope to here suggestions from you before deciding.  Also not too familiar with the Unli Call and Text promo.  What is the package content.

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          Prepaid - Load and consume what you want

          Postpaid - Plan and Pay



          There are no unli-call and text for Tattoo it should be on Mobile

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            Hi mranola


            The difference between the postpaid and prepaid. For Prepaid you need to reload first a certain amount and/or register to a data promo before you can use the service. With Postpaid, you are may use the service depending on your plan subscription.


            Unli Call and Text Promo:

            There are Tattoo Broadband Dongles that allows Call/SMS features with the use of the given User Interface. Meaning, once you Plug your Tattoo Dongles in you computer you may send SMS upon clicking the Message Icon. Clicking Phone ICON will allows you to make call as long as you have an available Headset and Microphone.



            Call features is only available on selected Tattoo Models.

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              Para sa akin mas maganda 'yong PLAN kasi you can use it anytime (UNLI/FULL ACCESS) unlike sa prepaid you still need to register sa mga promos or need to enter keyword from time to time..