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    bill @ plan 999


      Is monthly recuring fee serve as hidden charges? Coz' i thought on my plan 999 my bill still P999 plus the vat, hw come theres another one to pay the MRF? They did not inform me about that?

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          maycamacho 999 MRF already includes VAT.  If you do not incur any charges that are billed outside or on top of your plan or those charges that are not included in your availed combos and/or boosters, then you will just have to pay 999 every month.


          Your monthly bill should show the current charges you incurred that is charged against the MRF you paid in advance (i.e. prior month/bill).  The MRF that is reflected in your current bill is for the next billing cycle since we ought to pay in advance monthly.  So there's no double charging. Unless of course, there was really a billing error on the part of Globe.