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    Wrong Plan?


      Hi Globe Community! I subscribed for plan 299 and paid cash out to avail of S4 unit but i'm still being billed for P999 (my previous plan). I called the hotline several times already. They would just say they will elevate my case. It's been 8 months. So unfair that i need to pay my bills so they wont cut my line. Where should i send my complaint if i need to go to that extent?

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          Hi! Please go to the store where you availed your plan. Matagal ang ganyan sa hotline

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            evie hi. do you have a copy of the documents you signed when you recontracted? if you have, bring them to a nearest Globe Business Center. if you don't the dics, still the best to go to to complain is via the Globe Business Center, preferably the ine where you recontracted and signed the docs.


            it happened to me last Novemver 2013. the GBC misplaced my documents that's why it was not entered in the system. There is a compensation for that, their error. Demand for it. In my case, 1 month of MRF was waived for me. :) Good luck.