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    My Internet Success High Speeds with Tesla Ground I Make


      My Globe 3Gbps Internet connections - Becomes High Speeds with out delay in youtubes and other video Streaming in Internets!

      Because of what I makes - its just a Frequency Grounds I makes!

      I Put in my other sockets in my routers that i used - A RJ45 with cables plus i connect all  RJ45 in just 1 wired connections and put it in a Ground - Ground are used in electrical connection and insert the ground metal in deep grounds - that used for anti-static electrical shocks.

      I put the end of 1 connection in my router in grounds - a metal that connects to lands with 1 wired connections - which I put me RJ45 cables and short it in grounds.

      Theory: tesla coils = increased its speeds by putting 1 wired in ground.

      Theory: I think there is no problem in globe connection, but its cables is overload with frequency = pressures like water in pipe which the load increased (also Frequencies) and output is small only and the flows is stuck. that's why i put ground in my router so that the stuck in flow of frequencies in all DSL cables will flow mush better.

      And I just got success my DSL is very fast in my Youtube Video Streaming. Examples My red line Codes which is in Youtube windows is small or shorts and my white lines which your speeds in youtube already downloaded the videos is already full or finish!!!