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    could globe have been wrong?


      I got a plan 499 with 900 consumable load. got an iphone(-250PV) and gosurf99(-99PV) so i only have 551 consumable load.

      i texted a lot and called a lot lately apporximately i used 350 of its load as of now.

      I asked for my remaining consumable balance via live chat and the agent said:



      Please be informed that as of today exactly (1:58 PM), your remaining balance for your combo is 100804.00 for GoSurf. Your remaining consumable amount is Php 522.45. Please be reminded that once all consumables are consumed, all transactions will be charged on top of your bill.

      could they have been wrong?? and gosurf 99 offers 100,000KB as its mobile data, but I have 100804KB??? I swear i consumed a lot i thought I was about to exceed. please help!!!