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    ATM transfer to GCash experience


      Recently I experienced a problem transferring from Bancnet ATM to GCash. I've made the transaction last Saturday around 5:30pm at EastWest Bank Crossing Calamba. The ATM I have is an EastWest Bank payroll account. What I want to do is transfer money from EastWest to GCash, then GCash to BPI. This is my 2nd transaction and the first time had no issues. At the time that I was transacting at the ATM, it's taking awhile than usual. Suddenly an error appeared saying I have to transact with my own bank. Funny because that's what I'm doing. I reinsert my ATM to check my balance, the money is already debited from my bank account. I'm waiting for the GCash notification via text but there's none. So I went home and check my EastWest online if there's a transaction for the said transfer. Upon checking there's no history of the transfer but the amount is already debited. On Sunday, there's no history on EastWest bank and no text from GCash. On Monday, the transfer reflected on EastWest but still my GCash balance remains the same. I tried asking help by calling EastWest bank customer support 2x and no one has helped me. I tried asking help from twitter and those so called online specialists keeps on telling me to call 2882 but I said there's no one to talk to there. They said there's an option to talk to a rep but on my end there's none. I find them very useless at all. So I went to SM Calamba Globe Store to see if they can check something there. They where helpful and accomodating. But upon checking on their system they didn't find any transfer to my GCash. So I tried to report this again to EastWest and someone was able to help and file this incident. My Mom also knew the EastWest Calamba Manager and gave her the reference # to follow-up with them. My Mom told me what she had learned from the follow-up made by the Manager. They told her that the transaction was done on EastWest bank's end and it's already on the GCash bank which is Asia United Bank (AUB). They are still investigating and said that they'll return the amount. Until now there's no credit to my EastWest bank or GCash account. I transferred 6,500 and that's part of my salary. I'll never do that kind of transfer again even if they have credited back my money. I don't know if someone here could speed up the process that would be great. I'm just sharing you this experience and I hope you won't have the same experience as well. I wish that they could put better support to GCash.