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    P1299 3 mbps broadband bundle to P999 3 mbps internet-only plan -- possible?


      I'm a long-time subscriber to the P2,299 3 mbps bundle (internet + landline). I recently found out that they're offering the same plan for just P1,299, so I called their hotline and asked my monthly charges to be lowered to that price. They said they would lower it -- I will find out if that is true when I get my bill next month.


      On the Globe website today, I see they're offering the same 3 mbps speed without the landline for just P999. Since we don't really use our landline all that much, I wonder if I can get that plan instead? That's a good P300 in savings each month.


      I wonder if this is possible without any extra charges? I am a loyal Globe subscriber -- we received our 56th internet bill and 27th mobile phone bill this month. I also hope that when they said they would "downgrade" my plan, they only meant the price I would pay and not the service/speed I am currently getting.