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    Have i just received a preowned S5 from the store?


      I went to a Globe store yesterday and signed up for a new line and a new Galaxy S5. This would be my second phone i got from the same store. Service is as perfect as always instore, so i had no issues with that.


      It´s just the fact that when i get home and start setting things up (and i noticed that the box was opened already as i received it) that i got a bit confused.


      I do indeed have an Yahoo-account. But my username isn´t "azzkiekr"


      How would this email even be able to be stored on my phone before i even had a chance to set it up?

      I have googled the email and it belongs to someone completely unknown to me. And since the S5 has been on the market for a while... I get a creepy feeling that this may have been a trade in or a defect that was replaced?