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    globe postpaid Plan


      I want to apply for a postpaid plan which is my super plan. I just want to know:


      1. If Globe will let me choose the SIM Number I want.

      2. What is the billing schedule of globe is there a fixed date of billing cut-off or it will be based on the date my line has been activated. Example if my line been activated today May 03, 2013 is my cut-off date will be on June 02, 2013?



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          Hi sinned0326
          1. Yes you can customized your number but only the last 4 digits
          2. The start of billing cut off is based on when your account was activated but during application of your plan you can inform the CSR on your preferred cutoff date, anyway you can change cut off date anytime through hotline or tweet @talk2globe or even through globe.com.ph just create an account there to manage you plan account