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    just want to ask if i am qualified for loyalty reward?


      i am 3years postpaid globe bundle user and almost 10 years prepaid user..am i qualified to get loyalty reaward?how can i  apply?

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          angelito_enigma what do you mean by globe bundle user? Postpaid mobile or tattoo broadband?


          In any case, you can get rebates if you're on postpaid mobile if you're already out of contract. Just call the hotline. If you're really after for that "loyalty reward", there's actually none. As an existing Globe postpaid subscriber, the only advantage is you can recontract without the hassle of submitting documents again and you'll retain your number. If you opt for rebates instead of recontracting, you can retain your number and monthly rebates will be credited to your account which in turn will reduce your total monthly bill. Rebates would not entitle you any free handset and you can terminate or recontract again later if you decide or want to have a new handset.


          And that's how it is. You should also be earning rewards points through your monthly consumption in excess of your MRF and those points could be used to pay off part if your bill or claim for items as available in their rewards catalog. :)