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    How do I get Globe to solve a massive, year long, overbilling problem?



      I have had an ongoing overbilling problem since May 5, 2013 when I renewed my contract for 2 more years. THAT particular problem MAY (?) have been solved after I traveled from Pangasinan to Fort Bonifacio on May 13 and May 14 of 2014. Now I am having P22K charged to a different plan that my wife uses.

      When I renewed my plan on May 5, 2013 I wanted the exact same plan & freebie package and only a new handset to replace the iPhone. Apparently the store in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon changed the name of the plan (price was the same) and removed all the freebies. In June I got a P12,??? bill for hundreds of calls and texts to those freebie numbers. It took 2 visits from Pangasinan to the main office in Fort Bonifacio to, I hope, solve that problem.


      Now in the April bill and May bills I see that a plan I allowed to expire in January after 2 years of service, is having thousands of pesos worth of calls charged to my wife’s SIM and are on that same bill I had all the other problems with. So obviously the phone is once again turned off because the bill is over P22K.


      On June 5 I will take copies of EVERY bill and receipt for payment back to Globe where I will video the entire exchange trying to solve that billing problem forever. If they cannot or will not solve the problem I will simply open a new account and stop paying that bill until it IS fixed. Obviously I have a better book keeping system than Globe has and their “hotline” is a worthless mess.


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          Clearly, there was a misunderstanding when you renewed your plan. Better go to the Globe store where you renewed the plan.

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              I only went to thatGlobe store about this problem about 50 or more times. That store is in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, Mindanao bnut I now live in Tagaytay, Cavite, Luzon. It seems like I have beating my head against the wall and the problem is the uneducated high school age nitwits that are hired by Globe.

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                  hi gelynch52ph this happened to me also.  Sad to say for us subscribers that we really have to push/assert before they can make the proper corrections.


                  I presume you still have the copy of the renewal form you signed back in Malaybalay?  You can use that as proof.  Even then, there should be a record in your account about the transaction and Globe could vouch it with the docs you signed when you renewed.


                  Also to inform you that sometime middle of last year when Globe migrated their billing system to a new one, certain data on accounts are affected.  One of my accounts' freebies got reset and when I noticed through my bills only after 2 billing cycles.  And this one I have corrected immediately just by calling 211.  I think your account may have also been affected by this migration.


                  When you go again to a Globe store, maybe ask for the store manager and bring the copy of the renewal form you signed or them to review the transcript in their system about your renewal.  If you changed the freebies or cancelled them all together, it should have been recorded in your account and accordingly reflected in their system.