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    GO Surf with Free Spotify


      I just load up using the Go Surf promo with Spotify. I registered for GS299 that gives me the Premium Spotify. I already have Spotify installed and when i try to upgrade its asking to choose payment method like credit card or pay pal. I tried uninstalling the app and then went to download spotify form the globe website. i was able to download it but its still just the regular Spotify. How can i upgrade it to Premium?

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          wavefive Hello there! If your GoSurf subscription comes with free Spotify Premium:


          a. First check if you have a device capable of downloading Spotify. Spotify is available for Android, iOS, Windows 8 and BlackBerry 7 users.


          b. Next, download the app on m.spotify.com/download or visit your native app store (Google Play, App Store) to download the app. Download of the app will be charged against your GoSurf subscription, only streaming of music using the app is free. To save on your MB, you may download the app using WiFi


          c. Upon registration, immediately activate your Spotify Premium trial by visiting http://spotify.globe.com.ph/go.


          d. Sign up for an account


          e. If you already have an account, choose the manner by which you will log in


          f. Select Log In via Facebook if you want to log in using your Facebook Account, or, Select Log In using Spotify Details if you want to log in using your Spotify Username and Password


          g. Log in and enjoy! You can now enjoy all the music that you want for free.

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            Hello there! In addition to what GlennO says, you may also refer to this attached file for the instructions on how to activate Spotify Premium.


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