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    Globe shocking bill for roaming


      Hi, has anyone here experienced receiving a shocking bill from Globe for their roaming charges? How do we escalate this complaint aside from calling their useless customer service hotline?

      Globe just recently billed me a total of php10k++ for 2 days worth of roaming data and roaming calls that I didnt really make. The customer service agent is only willing to deduct 2k from my bill for good will, but in reality they are charging me with 6k ++ worth of data that I did not use, which is so unfair and unacceptable. I am not willing to pay any charges caused by their system errors.

      Just a week ago, globe sent me more than 50 spam text messages due to system errors AGAIN. All the more proving how  bad their system and services are.

      Kindly help advise how I can escalate and resolve this. Thanks!