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    Windows Cyan update or 8.1 update on Lumia 1520


      Hi. I tweeted @WinPhoneSupport yesterday, asking on when will the Windows Cyan update be available on my Nokia Lumia 1520. The reply says that my mobile operator will be responsible for the release of the update. Is that true? I'm subscribed in a Globe postpaid plan, by the way.

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          What I did is install the "Preview for Developers" app and enrolled my email address. After the enrollment, you can go to your phone update and it will let you download windows phone 8.1 (please note that you can only use a wifi connection to download the update)


          Please know that Windows phone 8.1 is not yet officially released. This means that you can't get any support from them (everything works fine on my phone). Also, you will lose your phone's warranty and you will not be able to downgrade the windows phone version.


          It's worth the upgrade and you will not look back for sure!

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              The developer preview is not the final version and may still contain bugs, this is made clear in the terms when you upgrade; the preview is intended for developers to test and adapt their apps to the new software features and changes, you install it at your own risk. Also, the developer preview is only the Windows Phone 8.1 part of the update, it does not give you the Lumia Cyan features. The whole thing should not be too far away, but they don't usually announce dates in advance.


              Most network operators have their own "variant" of phone software with some of their own logos, services or apps built-in, so if you bought your phone through Globe and have their software variant, they will do their own checks and tests before the update is released to make sure all of their components work to their satisfaction. This is why it may be the case that two units of the same model, one with Globe and one with Smart software, might not get the updates at the same time.


              When the update roll-out begins, this page will show you the latest news for your phone, just look down the list for Philippines, then your phone model, then your variant.

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                you can, however, downgrade to (OS) WP 8 if you use Nokia Software Recovery Tool.