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    Aztech DSL5001EN Massive Disconnection


      hi, i've been experiencing this massive disconnection from my modem, it just happened last week, a tech support came here and changed the wire but the problem is not solved, the current SNR Margin is 12.9db and the Attenuation is 12.0db, and i noticed some changes on the Upstream Rate which is reaching 1000 kbps than the normal 500 and the Ethernet light on the modem is blinking which never happened before, temperature on the modem itself is hot when i put my hand on it, what should be the problem? i hope the info above helps cause it seems to be important, if i need a new modem let me know, thank you.



      it occurs below 10 times a day and sometimes last for a couple of hours then disconnects, i always check the status of ADSL once it disconnects and it seems like it Retraining it self or something.


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