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    Bills Payment


      It was my cut off date last week (05-20-14) and i wasn't able to pay for my bills therefore i've skipped a payment for my plan (999). As I checked my balance on *143# and it says I have to pay for a certain amount that's due on 6-10-14. Do I still have to pay for the 999 that was due last 05-20-14 or does the amount stated in *143# compensate for the all of my charges of the past payment? In short do I pay 999 + my outstanding balance? or will paying for the outstanding balance compensate the payment for plan999?

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          Hi jaka.andal! Cut-off date is different from due date. Your cut-off date is when your billing statement period will be based. Meanwhile, your due date is when your payment for a particular billing statement is due.



          • If your cut-off date is May 20, 2014, that means your billing period for this month will be from April 19, 2014 to May 20, 2014. All your usages for this period will be billed to you.
          • Globe gives you ample time to pay your bill - in your case its June 10, 2014.