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    Postpaid question


      Can a postpaid user subscribe to a call/text offer? I am currently subscribed to a 999 plan and found the included text offer not enough for me. 

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          Hi mostscents... this highly depends on the Plan 999 that you have... Is this the old Plan 999 or the Plan 999 under the Best Ever Plans?


          If the call and text offers are not enough in a Plan 999 under the Best Ever Plans, then you could subscribe to the call and text offers under Boosters but would be charged ON TOP of your Plan 999.

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            to all concerned globe officers: i would like to deeply express my aggrevation towards the discomfort with your service centers sa sm marilao. dapat ang mga loyal customers have the option to process payment with a cashier not only thru your payment machine, pano yung mga customers na gusto magbayad ng exact amount? at pano yung mga nageexpect ng change? customers should always be welcomed to pay with a live representive and should not be thrown towards the machine. you are only pushing your customers away and giving us the reason to change our network providers which im already considering.