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    Postpaid Application


      How to apply a postpaid plan?

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          hi usernames_93 Welcome to Globe Community! I can help you acquire a postpaid plan.  Please follow me back so I could send you a PM.

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            RetentionWarrior .

            you have a lot of options to apply.

            1. Visit the Globe store near you.

            2. Call the sales Hotline 02-730 1000 using MM landline or 211 using Globe mobile.

            3. Apply online. (Globe website)


            things to remember.

            *** you must have the following requirements.


            1. Proof of Income (payslip, ITR, Credit Card etc.)

            2. Proof of Billing (Electric bill, Water bill, Phone Bill)

            3. Proof of Identity (Valid ID National or private)


            you may ask the sales officer for the complete list of requirements if needed.


            I Hope this help.