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    Inquiry before subscribing a post plan


      What does this data add on required means? Does it mean there is still additional charges besides the plan you pick for the data? also for the plan free at Plan 2499.. what are the packages included? and how can I determine if i exceeded the usage on this package?

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          schilven hello there! To answer your first question, an add-on is charged on top of your plan. These are now called boosters under the best ever plans. There are handsets offered under a plan that would require subscription to a data pack but it should not necessarily be an add-on or booster since you could subscribe to a data combo which could be charged against your PVs, depending on the plan you chose.


          Under Plan 2499, the free handsets with 24 month contract are: Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note II LTE, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, Galaxy S5.


          Lastly, there is currently no facility with Globe on monitoring your data usage. However, you can download and install apps that would measure your data usage.


          If your are really interested for a new postpaid plan or an additional plan with Globe, I could refer you for faster processing. :) Hence, you might want to follow me so I could message you accordingly. Or, just to clarify some things regarding postpaid.  :)


          I hope to see you here in the Community more often. :)