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    Guys help in port forwarding for PS3


      Good Day!


      Mejo beginner pa lang ako in port forwarding. I heard that for DSL users pwede iport forward. I'm using the 3mbps bundle with phone and the model of my modem is AZTECH DSL5001EN. CAn you tell me the step by step on how to do it. The reason is I really want to have a better experience in playing games. Mostly they are always showing that my NAT is type3 or restricted. Your answers will help me Thanks

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          RetentionWarrior .

          I'm not familiar with the the exact router tabs but u may refer to the router manual for reference, technically is is under the GUI tab Port settings for most of the commercial routers.

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            Hi kokoako2,


            To add a port to open in aztech DSL5001EN


            1: access router GUI

                username: user

                password: user

            2: select "advance mode" tab and select "port forwarding"

                a: "select an application" (preset app ) if ps3 is present you could chose it and the ports will be added automatically and            then select apply.

                b: "Game rules" (preset game rules) chose a game you play on PS3, it will open the ports for you and then select apply.

                c: "Custom Application" (if the app or game rule is not present you could type any name of an app ports would you like to


            To add "Local IP address " you could go to your DOS Prompt and type the command line "ipconfig"  (without the quote)

            Look for IPV4 address .Take note what connection you are using if wireless IPV4 will display under "wireless adapter " ex.. . other way to pull up dost prompt (press CTRL+R and type cmd or command  on the search box)


            To make sure the port is open you could download an Open Port Check Tool Open Port Check - PortForward.com

            If your not sure what port you will open here is the link to playstation site Firewall Port Numbers to Play Games Online


            Hope this helps