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    My Billing Statement are not sent to me.


      My billing statements are no longer forwarded to my address.

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          RetentionWarrior .

          to check your outstanding balance you can use *143# for postpaid mobile, you may also call the hotline to check what is the set delivery mode of your bill and check also if the address is correct.. you can also log in to www.globe.com.ph and register your account for paperless billing...

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            Just like you, I STILL prefer my bills being sent to my address for the simple reason that there is an official hard copy sent by Globe and its delivery could be officially received and verified through their courier service in case there would be issues in billing and disputes which would require document authentication by the higher courts which paperless billing could not provide.


            If your paper bill is not being delivered, just call the hotline and report it to them. There was a facility before when they could check if and when your bill was delivered to your address and I was wondering why they removed it when they had several of their system upgrades.