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    activating mobile number


      Ginamit q ung tm number q para may register phone number na ko sa facebook q pro hndi q ma acctivate using txt "fb" send to 2123,panu kya un.

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          Log In ka na lang sa using PC tapos dun mo na lang register yung mobile number mo under ng Account > account settings > mobile.

          Kung magreregister ka using Facebook mobile 2123, let me just remind you that you will be charge for every reply ng access number.


          Kung feel mo talaga na magregister using Facebook mobile.


          Read this mechanics:

          1) To register mobile number to Facebook mobile

          a. User text F to 2123 to get activation code

          b. User inputs this activation code on Facebook account.


          2) If a user doesn't enter the activation code on the Facebook page within 2 days, a reminder alert is sent to them wherein they can activate it through SMS by texting in


          REG [username] [pw] to 2123


          Note: If user subscribes via reminder alert, user is also registered to FBCHAT already.

          User can now do the following actions through SMS (FREE for 45 days)

          a. Upload a status message by sending [status message] to 2123. Ex. Masaya ako ngayon!

          b. ADD a friend by sending ADD [username] to 2123. Ex. ADD Jose Punongbayan

          c. POKE a friend by sending POKE [username] to 2123. Ex. POKE Jose Punongbayan

          i. Upon receiving a poke from a friend, users can reply with "p" to the corresponding message to poke back.

          d. SUBSCRIBE to a friend's status message by sending SUB [username] to 2123. Ex. SUB Jose Punongbayan.

          i. User can unsubscribe by texting UNSUB to 2123. Ex. UNSUB Jose Punongbayan OR by replying "unsubscribe" to the confirmation sent right after a user has subscribed to the status message


          You may also send HELP/ FB HELP to 2123, to get the other list of keyword available for Facebook Mobile.