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    iphone 5s plan 999


      Nagavail po ako ng plan 999 iphone 5s and about 19k cashh out for the phone and pinapili ako kung unli data or ung sa text. Umg pinili ko po is unli data and 100 pesos worth of txt or load. Naguguluhan kasi ako sa sinabi nung globe na dapat mag consume lang ako ng 1gb of data per day. What if magexceed ako dun sa 1 gb? May extra charges po ba? Feeling ko kasi bumagal ung net ko araw araw kasi ako ngbbrowse. Baka mabigla ako sa bill. Nalilito ako sa unli data dun sa plan ko di ko magets "unli data" tapos bawal magexceed sa 1gb. Pnu po kng mag exceed ako?

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          Just to correct wilson, unli surfing naman po eto. kung na exceed mo na po ung 1GB per day mo, mag slo-slow po yung internet speed mo sa 2G until 12:01 midnight, 12:01 AM onwards ay mag rerefresh na po yung iyong account, so another 1GB po ulit. hindi rin po kayo ma bibill on top sa iyong bill,  babagal lang yong internet.  unli surfing parin naman babagal lang.


          mas ok yong sayo frend ung bago kaz ni is


          Gosurf999(new) na may 5GB per month, so pag naubos muna ung 5GB ma bibill na po kayo ng P 2.00 per MB




          sa inyo po ay SUPERSURF999 (old) na may 1GB Per day na pang internet at pag naubos na. babagal yung internet,


          so mas ok na yang sayo.



          more info.


          Our network is a shared resource used by all Globe customers. We want to protect the experience of the 97% of our base against the 3% who take up more than their fair share of our network bandwidth.

          Customers that hit the Fair Use Policy threshold typically a) use peer-to-peer applications to download large files, b) use their mobile phone as a personal hotspot or c) stream videos heavily on a daily basis. Activities like these use up a majority of our network bandwidth, affecting others.

          We'd like to assure you that your line or your mobile internet service will not be cut when you reach the 1GB/day or 3GB/month threshold. Your internet speed will simply slow down to 2G to ensure that others can also enjoy our shared resource.