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      I'm having problems regarding my LTE. Even if I turn on cellular network and enable LTE, it's still only on 3G. Does anybody know the solution to this? By the way i'm on plan999 with gosurf 799 as one of ny perks. Is that one reason why i can't seem to use it?

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          Gail .

          acquiring LTE signal have to meet certain reqs such as 1) LTE capable phone 2) LTE ready and activated sim card 3) LTE acquired LOCATIONS.

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              Yes. As abi says,


              You need the following requirements

              1. LTE Capable Phone such as Iphone 5(or above) or Samsung Note III(or Above)

              2. No problem on the LTE sim as you said you are a globe postpaid and using gosurf. If your sim does not have the LTE logo that could be the problem

              3. LTE Enabled site, when and LTE location should be detected saka lang,


              pero you say it's on 3g, baka it's an Iphone 4S or below, hindi po LTE yung phones na un

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                  Actually i have iphone 5s. Other than that, natry ko na din makapag-LTE last time and after that hindi na naulit. Even in moa i still don't get LTE coverage so di ko alam kung ano talaga problema. I've tried restarting my phone na din pero still, it doesn't work :(

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                      Gail .

                      if thats the case, you may try this steps


                      1. settings - carrier - turn off auto - search - tap globe

                      2. settigns - general - reset - reset network settings

                      3. press and hold power and home button till apple logo appeared

                      4. if applicable, sim\phone swapping


                      if still doesnt work, call the HL for proper isolation.

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                        Please verify with Globe customer service if LTE Service is enabled.