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    Tips For Increasing your Internet Speed [email protected] users


      Im not an expert, I just gathered info about LTE and everything about it this is just a simplification of what i read and what have i done to somehow reach the 60% of their promised speed. This guide is for education and learning purposes only and no means shall be the author be liable for any injuries/damages that may incur to you and your equipment. If you proceed you agree with the terms of the author. Feel free to post this in other forums but with proper credits to the author.




      1. LTE  just to be familiar with the its values and measurements that affects the speed were gonna get regardless of the plan we pay.


      LTE short for LONG TERM EVOLUTION which is up to ten times the speed of its predecessor the 3G. Their are factors and values showed on you main router page if you access it through the default gateway. Take note of this as this is important. Ok assuming your now on the home page of your router which is accessible by inputing on your browser. Scroll down then you will see all this values, yes numbers and has calculations but dont worry were gonna skip that but for hardcore tweakers ill leave referrence so you can focus on thinking and finding ways to improve my guide. Yes it may seem so random but plays a big role in the speed were gonna get.


      1.a values and interpretation.


      RSSI dbm =  RECIEVED SIGNAL STRENTGH INDICATOR http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Received_signal_strength_indication 

        range is - 50 to -120

      -50 is very excellent

      -60 is excellent so on and forth.


      RSRP dbm = REFERRENCE SIGNAL RECIEVED POWER. meaning somewhat clouded but i have read its the 4g signal indicator!? Take note again.

      Well the values are -140 to -80.

      Better than -88dBm RSRP is a strong signal

      Between -89dBm and -96dBm is a very good signal

      Between -97dBm and -105dBm is good

      Between -106dBm and -112dBm is fair

      Worse than -113dBm RSRP is poor



      Range depends on the carrier? But im using his - 19.5 to -3. Same principle from he two.




      Range is 0 to <


      SINR < 0 : WORST

      0 to 6 : GOOD

      Above 6 : BEST


      We now learned the best values for our indicators. Omg my values are high time to panic!!! Or we can go start the hard part of the tutorial?


      Tools needed  =  A brain to use and decide what tools are needed for the right job and the drive to achieve better speeds on [email protected] streams or for missed soaps. Choose LOL. Lastly android or an iphone? Yes cause you need the APP OpenSignal on google play, on iphone im not sure cause i used my android phone.


      1.b The surveying, dont send the boys for a man's job thingy ohh almost forgot techy stage. Well the never ending trial and error and WARNING THIS WILL INVOLVE TRANSFERING OF THE ANTENNA I THINK ITS A POLICY OF GLOBE THAT YOUR NOT ALLOWED TO TRANSFER THEIR EQUIPMENT. You need to pay them another  1200 + 500 for transfer of location cause thier technicians makes sure they signal check the area before they install your antenna i asked them why they said well its needed to insure that we give the best quality service to our customers. so why in the world did i write this tutorial in the first place.



      A. Surveying your area what are the possible objects including buildings and mountains that can affect your signal, LTE or 4G does not bend or rather the signal does not bend(open for debate), obstacles can easily hinder your efforts. Find a good spot where you can put your external antenna without any interference. WARNING NOT ADVISABLE I THINK ITS A POLICY OF GLOBE THAT YOU CANNOT CHANGE THE POSITION OF THE ANTENNA PROCEED WITH YOUR OWN DISCRETION. need to confirm this SUMMONING GLOBE REPRESENTATIVE. With all that warning you still want to proceed and found a good spot then your a hard headed guy/girl.


      B. Time to use our android device now!! What?! Any make or model will do but a dual core or quad core processor android phone is recommended cause it is fast  less percentage of false positives readings. Download OpenSignal and ookla speedtest from google play its free dont worry. OpenSignal is an app that displays whats the fastest network that provides 4g in your area and it displays the 4g coverage of your courier, the tower locations of your couries and as well as the location of yourself. SPECIAL NOTES: TURN ON GPS FOR MORE ACCURATE LOCATION..ON YOUR ANDROID PHONE BE SURE YOUR USING A GLOBE SIMCARD WHY?! I dunno when i used that app with my android phone that had a "bright" sim it only detected the speed, coverage, towers for that corresponding sim even if connected to my globe tattoo home. Well enough open the app see whats the speed of your 4g network on your area. The arrow like compass there on the upper part of the android screen is the tower indicator it will point to where the towers are located. Theres a detailed location, distance and tower frequency find the right tower for you. Trial and error basing it on he values of the desired values provided. All i did is pop up my default gateway on my browser going back and forth from the opensignal app to my router home screen i can see the changes in the values while turning your antenna in different directions slowly and verifying for at least 2 mins that the values are not constantly changing, find the right spot and it the values are all perfect or near the desired range open the app speedtest to see if theres a difference on your internet's speed. There are cases even if the desired values are met the internet speed is still slow this means your place is congested...then your out of luck..


      (Simplified) To make it simple find a good place for you antenna no obstacle or barriers and  turn your antenna 2* each time slowly then pause. in the end of each turn you check the values on the router home page give it like 2 mins to stabilize if it did open speedtest app then confirm the speed. When your using speedtest make sure you use it trice to have a general idea what your speed really is, cause sometimes it fluctuates.



      GOOD LUCK my 3mbps plan with the sloppy .500kbits seemingly constant  downlink rate turned into 1.2 to 1.8 tops.