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    Question, regarding sa Samsung S5 Plan 1799 application ko


      Hi Globe Community,


      I would like to ask if my application to Plan 1799 Samsung S5 will be approved if my monthly income is 16k or above(depends if I have OT) then I have a newly approved and received credit card from metrobank but my credit limit is 17k only.


      I applied one GBC near in our house, and the CSR told me that "sir mabilis lang po ang process, tatawagan na lang po kayo" totoo ba ito? I gave all the requirements they needed. Like latest 1 month payslip (May 16-31 and June 1-15), COE with compensation, 3 Valid IDs.


      How long would it take the processing of this kind of application? I tried applying online twice and gave me 3 options. That is Thea and Jerome. They told me that 1st option is, I can apply for a sim card only. No handset and will wait for 6months. to apply for a postpaid plan with handset. 2nd option, Will do cashout of 17,094 for 6months advance(Plan 1799) and cashout of 6,300(for the handset). 3rd and last option is if I have a credit card, then they will process.


      I told both of them to hold my application since I'm currently waiting for the approval of my CC, and poof my CC was approved last week and received last friday june 13.