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    Change/Upgrade handset for plan 999


      I have a postpaid plan 999 with Globe along with an iPhone 4s. I'm not sure about it's lock in period but I paid roughly PHP 30k for the handset a year ago. My question is can I upgrade my unit to an iPhone 5? Any help will be appreciated...

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          @lizardojm upgrading a unit is not possible if you are still on a locked up period. However you might want to consider recontracting offer, plan termination, or new plan application to avail the iPhone 5. For recontracting offer you can tweet @talk2Globe or Loyalty Hotline. What they can do is check your remaining months then based on that they can calculate how much you need to shell out to avail the iPhone 5. For early termination, you account will be totally terminated but with corresponding fees and Device fee depending on the remaining months on your lock up period from then you can apply new Line. Check your bill number to know how may months you've been paying the Plan

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            If you already paid the device, i think you no longer have to wait for your device lock up period to expire. What I can suggest is call the retention department and check if you are eligible to Recontracting your plan. They know for sure if you have to pay your pre termination fee or not

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              If you want to get a new handset under recontracting, Loyalty Department can compute for your pay off fee, after you settle the amount, you just need to call back LD so that they can assist you properly regarding recontracting for IP5!