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    Spotify registration problem (again)


      First of all i used to have a Spotify Premium account before i signed up for my Galaxy S5. So i had to wait for that to expire before i could use the 6 months free from globe. I keep geeting "oops try again" or "You are already a premium member."

      As i tried again i now receive this: Invalid number?

      Previously i was able to input my number, get the verification code and then get oops or similar error. I then talked to the chat support and they gladly informed me that everything would work so much better if i signed up for a new spotify account and logged on using facebook.


      Upon my question how it would help the situation i am in regarding the registration for my 6 month paid premium account i just received a copy paste "we cannot give out codes. They are system generated" I´m fairly sick and tired of the online chat support by now.


      And as i described that i have tried every day for the last two weeks and only got the "oops" error, i am told to try again later. "It might work in a while" Seriously? All i need is a voucher code to punch in to my current Spotify account and all is well. But no.