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    Postpaid Plan Application Inquiry


      Is it normal that feedback takes forever? Also the agent promises to call but never calls back not unless I call to follow up. I got the email for requirements on May 19 then I submitted my requirements May 22. After that I received a notification that I needed my bank statement in a different format and an authorization letter which I provided last May 31. After that I called to inquire the status of my application again then found out they needed an additional ID so I provided it. June 12, my brother received a call on our landline phone and he advised the agent to call again by 11am. That day no call was received again. So June 17, I tried to call the agent since I didn't receive any news just for the hopes of following up. The agent then said to me I would still be needing to resubmit so other sorts of document proof but she made an offer to me that there is this promo I can avail that I can advance 7 months payment and I no longer need to submit the additional "sorts of document proof ". I confirmed that I'd be fine with it since I also have the cash for it. The agent then says I wait for the feedback the next day the same time. As usual, no calls was received. I called to follow up and the agent says I need to submit a bank statement again this time for the new month. I'm a really peace loving person so I kept my temper I said okay but since my work schedule is busy and I can't handle such false hopes anymore I said that I'll just cancel my application. Then the agent says she will try to contest for my application and that I expect a feedback by next day (which is today). As expected again, no call was received. Nothing was accomplished.


      I'm still interested to get the postpaid plan I applied for but with such things that happened I hope Globe understands what their customers are feeling.