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    GTSOS complaint.


      I've been using GTSOS several times and just recently this June, 2014 but only consuming the 4 peso load even any of my messages are not sent. I was deducted 4 pesos later when I loaded my prepaid account. Can any of Globe officials check on these SCAM!!! Your GTSOS is useless saying it is an emergency service of Globe but it is just robbing of my money load and depriving of my right to make emergency texts messages. Please look into these matter ASAP!!!

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          Ryan Jae Ongcuangco

          Hi jun4319 had you tried to report this matter?

          if its was a system glitch, The support team should know this.


          If you have time file a report just choose which channel is much convenient for you.



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              I've been trying to contact Globe and report the matter but I don't know really how. There are several times that I've used GTSOS texts to 3733 and when I got an answer that I have been granted 1 peso load and 3 texts to Globe/TM, I still cannot send any message to find out that there was really no load at all. But when I loaded my # 09268794988, they immediately deduct the 4 pesos load that I never use. This is not just a single occasion but about 4 to 5 times already. Hope Globe can check this I call SCAM to many users of GTSOS. My last attempt was only last June 21, 2014, the same thing happened, useless.