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    Let's talk about Roaming

    Paulo D

      Staying connected when travelling outside the country (be it for business or leisure) is now a must. We either want to keep track of our families and business back home or we simply need to get in touch with the hotel where we are staying abroad, the travel agent, foreign business partners, friends in the country we are visiting, etc.


      We want to understand more on your concerns or the issues you encounter whenever you use your roaming SIM, specifically to call - be it to the Philippines, within the country you traveled to, or even to other countries. Your responses to the below questions will enlighten us:


      1. Do you use your roaming sim to make a call when you are travelling abroad? Why or why not?
      2. What will make you use your roaming sim to call more while travelling?
      3. Are you usually aware of the country codes either of the country you traveled to or other countries you might need to call? If yes, how do you get to know the country codes you have to dial?
      4. Do you encounter any problem identifying these country codes?
      5. Do you think you get charged more whenever you dial the wrong country code?
      6. What if there is a free App which automatically detects which country you are in and will auto correct the country code? Is this something beneficial for you? Will you use this?
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          1. No. My relatives from Japan only use these roaming sim just for imcoming text message. Incoming and outgoing call will cost them Php60/min.
          2. Honestly roaming sim is just for incoming text messages. since they are all using mobile data from there network operator abroad to use for Social Networking Application such as Facebook, Skype, Viber and others.
          3. Yes. They use to travel for so many years.
          4. No
          5. Yes.
          6. Free App that will automatically detect the country code? Thats a great idea. But they are all using mobile data now.