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    MySuperPlan 299 for Data Users


      MySuperPlan 299 can be used for those people who are on Plan 1799 and using UnliSurf999 for their data (i know lots of people who have this due to the iPhone 5 release, me being one of them). Unlisurf999 is already subject to FUP, and Globe is somehow encouraging people to switch to GoSurf. IF i understand how GoSurf works, here's what happens, especially if you have an LTE capable phone.


      GoSurf is not subject to FUP, which means, no throttling, no data caps.

      GoSurf is only subject to the bill-shock.

      GoSurf 99 is the cheapest form of this promo, with 100MB and Spotify which I don't care about, and costs 99PV, and its anti-bill shock price is P1500.

      Have any combo you want with the remaining PV. You will have 1 PV leftover.


      Remember, GoSurf has no cap, no throttle. P1500 + your P299 plan = P1799.


      The biggest takeaway here is UNLIMITED LTE. Nothing can beat that.


      Unless Globe becomes a scumbag again and caps and throttles GoSurf.

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          Are you subscribed to GoSurf99?


          If so, you will be charged P2.00 per MB after consuming your data limit. Since Globe can only charge you a maximum of P1500 (no bill shock), this means that you can surf all you can if you're willing to pay additional P1401.


          1401+299 = 1700