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    Annoying Charges due to Error


      I received my bill for the previous billing period with charges on international SMS amounting to more than 300.00 which I did not use. A customer rep said that these messages were in fact sent to Globe/TM subscribers. In addition, I still have more than 700 unused all-net SMS in my account so how come I am charged with that amount? A day after this billing period, I checked my unbilled charges thru *143# it reflected 200.00+ international SMS. A customer rep again told me to ignore it but how can I ignore it when I will see that amount again in my next billing statement which will reflect inaccurate charges?


      And also, adjustments that should have been reflected to my account as per customer rep that I talked to were not yet reflected in it when she assured me that it will be adjusted accordingly. When I am saying my concerns, all they have to do is say sorry. (I did not need your "sorry". I need corrective actions.)


      As a subscriber, I am constantly monitoring my usages so as to avoid these annoying charges but it seems like my efforts were somehow wasted due the inaccurate data given to me. I am really annoyed for this repetitive errors. Saying my concerns to customer service actually consumes 1-2 hours of my day which I should have used to do productive tasks instead of calling them. Will you please improve your system, as well as your service?