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    Postpaid Internet Less Than 1Mbps Without Reaching the 5GB Limit.


      So, I guess globe's unlimited internet isn't unlimited after all. Well, here's my issue, I live in Malanday, Valenzuela City. I'm locked on a 2-year contract with Globe mySuperPlan (unlimited internet with 5gb limit [doesn't seem unlimited at all]) with Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (N7100). Thing is, I have been suffering from very slow and unstable. I also haven't reached the 5GB limit btw. Here's a screenshot of the speedtest by OOKLA that may serve as an evidence about my concern.



      Besides the sluggish internet speed, it may get unstable at times. Fluctuating from high speed to very low speed (like 0.23Mbps)

      That's it! Thank you and good day fellas!