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    2327? Is this a legit globe number?


      I attempted to apply for an application ast June 17, 2014 but I cancelled it because it is much convenient for me to apply for a plan near my home in cagayan de oro city. Today ( July 2, 2014), a number texted me that if I submit the requirements for the plan application via email,then I can avail of the Php 5000 worth of gift certificate.I called the globe customer service and they just informed me that this is just a typo error on the part of globe ( assuming that 2327 is from globe ). They just apologize for the mistake. I would have been convinced if I have been texted once, but it texted me twice that day. Refer to the picture pls.


      My question? Is this Legit text from globe or not? if it is legit, was GC php5000 an error?.


      I need a response because I only have 24 hours to avail of the GC.Screenshot_2014-07-02-17-09-04.png


      Thanks guys..